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Wheat is the main crop in India. India produces large varieties of wheat and we offer it according to customer`s needs

Wheat should be processed before it can be consumed in the form of a food product, since the insects and germs present it can cause serious health repercussions. Following is a detailed description of how the wheat is processed in a flour mill:

The first step in this process is the cleaning of wheat which is done using specially designed machines in which the impurities like straws, weeds, etc. are removed

The kernel of the wheat grain is moisturized in a process known as tempering which makes the bran coat tough, thereby enabling it to separate from the endosperm in a complete manner

The wheat that has been tempered is then sent for grinding, where the kernel is passed through a series of rollers to help it crack and ground. After is has passed through each set of rollers, the wheat is sifted to separate the fine flour particle from the endosperm particles and bran

The wheat flour is bleached and the Vitamin B elements like thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, etc. as well as iron, are added to it before it is packed to be sold to the consumers.

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